​​​Be a U.S. Merchant Mariner  
This site offers an opportunity to change your life and work in a unique occupation. Have you thought about a  career working on ships and going to sea ?  Then most your questions are answered on this page. Take the time to read this page as it pertains to the Maritime industry and becoming a U.S.  Merchant Mainer.  I will say that my experience and many of my shipmates that took this path will never regret it. This is a total transition of what you’re used to doing. This page will help you decide if this is your path. 

 My experience as a Mariner has been a very rewarding. 

This first thing one must do if your thinking about getting into this field is visualize yourself on a ship or vessel. Also, understand there are periods of confinement on a ship or vessel, it’s called Seatime ! In my opinion working on the water is  very peaceful and beautiful. While working as a Mariner you will go into ports all over this country and all over the world. You will experience moments that will change your life. The people who know you will notice there is something different about you. You will feel a sense of freedom that is hard to explain, but I can tell you, it’s real and unmatched by any other occupation. Those who have sailed on ships reading this know exactly what I am saying. Here is some insight on what to expect if you decide to get into this field.

Prepare to leave your family and friends for possible long periods of time.  Prepare for culture shock because it happens to everyone who has never traveled. 

It’s not a costly endeavor to enter this field. My service has a 100% success rate for those who want it. If you can follow simple directions and are motivated and apply yourself you will succeed. You have to want it !

You will see websites that explain how to obtain these credentials. say obtaining these credentials is not as simple as one may think especially when regulatory issues come into play and transitioning prior sea service. I will save you allot of time that will make this process go much faster.  Once the required credentials are obtained,  you'll need a job ! This is the most difficult goal to obtain. If, this is a total transition of what your used to doing my service will walk you through this process and you will be confident you have made the right decision. One of the most frequently asked questions is how long before will it be before I actually leave once I have started this process?  My response to that is If it takes a month will you be ready?  I also say in a year from now where and what will you be doing for employment. I will assist you in obtaining this, but ultimately it will be this simple “how bad do you want it.

 If you  sincerely want to become a Merchant Mariner and would like my assistance obtaining that goal,  that’s what I do and have done for the last ten years. I’m a retired Mariner with plenty of sea stories. You can do this for the rest of your life as  it becomes a life style. You can do it to build a nest egg for other ventures. This is one occupation that will give you the opportunity to save money! Many successful business men and women got there startup money as Mariners. 

 Her is the answers to many questions.


Sea the World !  Work on U.S. registered ships as a civilian and become a  U. S. Merchant Mariner. Work on  Container and Bulk Ships , Oil Tankers, Cruise Ships, Crew and Supply vessels in the Gulf of Mexico. Work along side of the Navy on Naval supply ships. Work on Oceanographic vessels as a U.S. Merchant Mariner. You can work on Tugboats and Ferries.
                  There is No previous experience required to enter this unique field. Male or Female can obtain the necessary credentials, and employment as U.S. Merchant Mariners. 
                     There are several ways to get into this field. You can enter a  Maritime Academy and upon completing a four year program,  graduate as a  Licensed Mate or Engineer. There are also one year apprenticeship programs available that if selected and upon  completion (usually one year),  you will receive job placement.                          
                    With my assistance, you can obtain the required credentials and employment without going to an academy or apprenticeship program. You would enter this field as an entry level mariner or a rated mariner. For those who may have previous sea experience that may transition into a rating in this field.. In most cases you can have all credentials required to get an entry level position within 45 days. My process teaches you how to start at the bottom and work your way up. It is on the job training ! Make excellent wages while you move up the ladder and into your desired position on a ship.


The credentials required to obtain a position as an entry level Mariner on all types of vessels are as follows

 1) U.S. Merchant Mariner Credential
 2) Transportation Workers Identification Credential (TWIC) 
 3) STCW2010 Basic Safety Training  (five Day course ).
 4) You will need a  passport if you plan to travel overseas. It is not required for offshore work or most inland positions.

I  recommend  if your able to obtain a passport to do so for more job opportunities.  Regardless if for any reason you cannot obtain a passport (back child support being the # 1 reason) do not let that discourage you because there are plenty of inland positions that don't require you to have a passport and in a short time you will make enough money to rectify that issue. Also, one could obtain a letter of intent to hire from a Maritime company or in some cases a letter from me along with proof your entering this field like your credentials and be granted a passport.
                      You must be able to qualify on your criminal background and physically condition to obtain a  Merchant Mariner Credential, and a Transportation Workers Identification Credential (TWIC HOMELAND SECURITY). Having a past criminal history does not dis-qualify you from obtaining either of these credentials  or employment as a Merchant Mariner. This is the one occupation that will give someone a second chance ! Do not be discouraged in perusing this field if you have a criminal background. For the record there are certain convictions that could delay or disqualify you from obtaining these credentials. I can determine if you have any convictions that may cause you a problem by asking you a few questions regarding your background. You also must be able to pass a general physical and drug screen for both Mariner Credential and pre employment. There are waivers for many medical conditions. If you have any physical / medical issues don't let that discourage you from perusing this field. I can help answer those concerns by simply knowing the condition.
                    You must be a permanent resident of the United States to obtain U.S.Merchant Mariner Credentials and employment. You must however Be a U.S. citizen to work for a few  Federal Maritime companies. You  Prior sea experience while working for foreign Registered ships can be applied towards a rating as a U.S. Mariner. Your experience will transition on your U.S. Mariner Credentials. You will have to meet U.S. Coast Guard requirements to obtain a rating. This is accomplished be producing your foreign sea experience. You will need to show proof of your sea experience from the companies you worked for. The way that is done is  through discharges in whatever form they were issued. You may have books , letters, and some are a basic discharge with your position on the ship and the ships information. You should include any training certifications.
                    There is no age limit to become a U.S. Merchant Seaman. You must however be able to pass a physical for your mariner credential, and pre-employment physical. I have plenty of clients who are in this field in there 50s and 60s.
                    Prior Military? Thank you for your service. You can enter this field with hiring preference from many of the top Maritime Companies. There is no previous sea  experience  required to enter this field. If you served in the Marines. Army, Airforce, or the Reserves you will enter this field with hiring preference as an entry level Mariner. For the record, you can move up very quickly in this field. You acquire ratings through seatime in a particular department.   Prior Navy or Coast Guard?  Your sea experience can transition into  ratings as a U.S. Merchant Mariner. If you served in either the deck or engineering department, you may be sitting on a treasure of seatime that can be applied towards  ratings as a Merchant Mariner.  BM, OS, Engineman, Deck Seaman, Quarter Master, Damage Control, Cooks to name a few !  Many duty assignment's  will transition into ratings as a Mariner.  Give this some serious thought. You may have some pertaining sea service that may only require you do just a rotation or two on a ship to obtain a deck or engineroom rating. In some cases you can use your GI bill to pay for any training needed to obtain a rating. These are very short courses, they are not very expensive.  Also,  In some cases you need only to test out for the rating.  If we need to bypass the rating just to get you to work then we will go that route. The way I look at it is a company is getting a crew member who is over- qualified for the job !  Also, please do yourself a favor and contact the Veterans administration to see if you qualify for any GI Bill training for this industry. Many Veterans are not aware  of  the post 911 Bill available to them and may have money available for the short training courses that MAY be required for a rating. You may be surprised to find out there is $ there for additional training ! Worth the call. Also, don't assume your time for obtaining your GI Bill has expired. There are changes happening  all the time as it pertains to the GI Bill for training and schooling.
                  How you were discharged from the service is irrelevant as it pertains to obtaining the Credentials, Ratings and Employment as a Merchant Mariner.  Merchant Mariners are civilians and don't fall under the rules or guidelines of the Military.  How an OTH discharge  MAY affect you is in obtaining hiring preference, and possibly accessibility to your GI Bill.  Prior Military let me Emphasize all OTH Discharges  are handled on a case by case basis when applying for a job that offers hiring preference. It is a fact that you have a great opportunity to make this transition. You can still transition your sea experience for a rating. So if  you miss the sea or want to go to sea I can make it happen ! This time as a civilian ! Same sea, different experience.
                     For anyone interested in doing this type of work be prepared to travel.  This is a traveling job ! You have be able to leave home for months at a time if your going to get into this line of work.  When you obtain higher ratings you will have more control over your time away and your preferred location in the world.. You can also include your spouse in your travel experiences. Many times I have completed my rotation on a ship and my wife would be waiting  for me at my departure location in the world. Hawaii being her favorite LOL..  

                   You definately should like the water, and being around the water if your going to do this. You must be able to live, and work in a confined space. Most important, you have to be able to get along with all types of people and personalities. You do not need to know how to swim!
                    There is no way to know how long you will be gone until you are hired by a Maritime company. You could be expected to ship for up to four or more months at a time with some companies. If you prefer not to be away for that  long of a period then you work on inland waters such as the Gulf of Mexico, the rivers and great lakes. These are generally short rotations. I will say this, when just starting out, you dont want to turn down any opportunities, so be prepared to leave home for an undisclosed amount of time.
                  Ships usually have nice living accomodations. All have a crews  lounge, many have books and movies available for use. Most all ships have some kind of a workout room. Some elaborate others the basics. Laptops are advisable to have with you on board. Many ships have satellite access. Food is provided with choices, and as much as you want. You can gain weight if your not careful !
                   How you are paid when on a vessel will vary. Some pay daily rates, and some pay hourly. You work seven days a week on a vessel ,so there is always going to be overtime!  Basically, you will always at least double your base salary with the overtime. If a company list that there base salary is $30,000 a year, then you will actually make $60,000 or more with your overtime. Overtime is never included in the salary listing, Also, you usually only work eight months a year with vacation off rotation. It is easy math to see that the $ is in the OT.  Direct deposit is how most companies will pay you.  Most companies offer vacation pay when your in between rotations. Most offer benefits for permanent employees and there family. 
 When your on a ship and off work,  (your working day is done), you can go ashore and enjoy the fruits of your labor, see the sites, enjoy yourself. Just be back for work on time the next day! That's what  is great about this job ! You also get periods of time off.  Most people never get to enjoy a month or two off at a time.This job is one of the few jobs that will help you to save money since everything is provided! Most companies pay all expenses for travel to and from with the exception of Crew and Supply vessels and Tugboat companies

There are three departments on most ships.

                  The Steward Department; any entry level Mariner can qualify for this department. If you have cooking experience, cook jobs are plentiful and in demand. This department maintains the interior of the ship, Cleans, takes care of ships supplies, and of course food preparation. Be prepared to have to start in the Steward dept. with some companies. You can transfer to deck or engine dept. from within.
                  The Deck Department; entry level jobs in this department are ordinary seaman, or deckhands. Deck dept. maintains the exterior of the ship, like chipping and painting for instance, stand watches on the bridge, responsible for getting the ship to its destination.
                   The Engine Department; entry level jobs in this department are wipers, engine utilityman. Engine department takes care of the engines and all mechanical equipment on board. The way you move up in rating and payscale is through sea time in a department. The engine room has the most ratings, and you can move up very quickly. In just six months of sea time you can obtain your first rating and double your income. Entry level pay will vary, $4000 to $6500 a month as an entry level Mariner. I do have clients who make more. So, that being said a rating can change your life.
                   I am a Maritime Consultant, and retired Merchant Mariner. I offer this rare service for a fee. I assist people who want to get into this field with obtaining there Credentials, Ratings, and Employment. I walk you through the this process one on one, and as fast as it can be done.
 For this service I  charge a Consulting fee of $1,300.00.   I require my fee up front. I will however work with people in some cases, and break up my fee into two installments with a $650.00 Deposit up front, and a balance due of $650.00 once you have all your credentials in hand. Then we go into the employment phase: That is assisting with  putting you to work as entry level Mariner, or a rated Mariner. This includes gearing your resume towards a Maritime objective, prep for interviews ect.   We do not quit till you have a job.
  I Started this rare consultant service in 2007. I have had, and continue to have great success with helping people break into this field. I will save you allot of time getting through this process, and in many cases money. I will teach you along the way preparing you for shipboard life. . My fees are paid through paypal which is also a great reference for my service going on ten years as my pay source.  I have the highest business rating possible with Paypal as my main pay source.  I offer all my credentials and references upon request.

  In addition to my Consultant Service fee, there are fees to obtain all  Maritime Credentials. These fees are paid by you as you go through this short process. You can do this at your own pace.  You will receive full instruction with the option to call me with any questions or issues. My services are provided to all States,  I also provide my service to Puerto Rico, Quam and Saipan

Maritime Credential Fees

U.S. Merchant Mariner Credential Processing Fee = $140.00                
Transportation Workers Identification Credential (TWIC) = $130.00     
                                                 U.S. Passport = $125.00                                                                                                                                     
                                                 STCW95 Basic safety Training course 5 day = $700.00 to $1,000.00   (depending where you take  the course)   The standard is $850.00                                                                                                   
Total Fees for ENTRY LEVEL Credentials = approximately  $1,200.00
(There is a fee to complete a Physical and Drug screen which normally does not exceed $130.00)

                      *There are some companies that offer the STCW2010 safety training course when hired. This is a separate certification not needed to obtain We will discuss this when we start this process.  If you have previous experience with qualifying seatime, and want to go for a rating, there may be additional consulting fees, and a few short courses that will be required. This is where your GI bill could help. Regardless, we are not talking about a huge expense or time for obtaining the rating.. This applies to those with pertaining seatime  from serving in the Navy or Coast Guard,  who wish to transition that service into ratings. 
                     *I highly recommend you go for the rating if you have the seatime. Having a rating means more money and more control over where you want to go, and for how long. You can pick and choose basically. For instance, I hate the cold, so I only sailed to warm places ! Your objective is to obtain a permanent job, and move up in ratings. Obtaining a permanent position with a Maritime company could happen  quickly, or you may ship with several companies  before taking a permanent job.

                       I worked as a U.S. Merchant Mariner for 18 years. I started my Maritime career in 1980 working for Military Sealift Command / Department of Defense.  In  1990. I joined the Seafarers International Union,  and  I contributed to the Gulf War effort sailing on Naval ammunition supply ships. In 2000 I attended the (S.T.A.R. Maritime Training Center) in Toledo Ohio to upgrade to a Deck officer. I ended my career working as a Bosun for American Overseas Marine. A Bosun in this is the highest unlicensed position in the Deck Department. 
                    I'm asked all the time if theres any guarantees? Also, if I obtain these credentials will I get a job? The answer is with my help, and your motivation and persistence, you will succeed ! This job could change your life financially, and give you the opportunity to live, and travel all over the world. My success rate very impressive. If we both do what's required of us, you will obtain this. Most all my clients are in the industry who wanted it.

 Give me a call and we will determine if this is right for you.

If you have any concerns or questions, I can answer them with accuracy.  
                    If you love the water,  as I do, and if you like to travel, then this could be the career for you! Entry level jobs are very obtainable. Rated Mariners are in high demand. If you would like to use my service, I will make sure you have everything you need to succeed, and be there for you throughout your sailing career. This is the lowest investment with the highest return for a career. In just one year your life / finances will change dramatically. Give it some serious thought, then call me to start the process

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